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Mar 19, 2018 … The U.S. House of Representatives has recently passed the “Regulation A+ Improvement Act” which will allow for a substantial cap increase under which businesses of all sizes will be able to carry out securities offering while still being subject to Reg A+ guidelines. As we speak, one of the primary methods …

Initial Coin Offering Reg S Contents Investigative report concluding that Chapters advantage that exchange … for Capital through regulation initial coin offerings are all the craze, and for good reason. According to CoinSchedule, over $3 billion has been raised in the first 10 months of October. The Securities Exchange Commission released an investigative report concluding that DAO tokens were securities,

Oct 17, 2017 … Regulation A+ is a good partner for ICO's when used carefully: Reg A+ allows investors worldwide, of any wealth level, to participate – providing very democratic access to capital — which is one of the mainstays of ICOs. Marketing to investors is allowed in Reg A+, which suits ICOs.

We've written in the past about the various methods companies in the United States can go about raising money via an ICO … ICO's have already used Reg A+ …

Introducing the Private ICO … We propose a way to do that with a Reg D-compliant private sale, … with a record $2B raised in 2018 already.

ICO; How To Make Your ICO Securities Rules Compliant via Regulation A+ And Reg DFeb 28, 2018 … Knowbella Tech Announces Intent to Conduct First Tier 2 Regulation A+ blockchain-enabled initial coin offering (ICO) or Token Generating Event (TGE)

2.a Engage a legal service provider to do your SEC filing. We can introduce you to good service providers. 2.b In the case of a Tier 2 offering, you are required to have a two-year Audit, if your company has existed for less than 2 years, the audit period will be the age of your company. 3.a start the form 1A filing with the SEC.

To raise the capital necessary to fund the business model described in our business plan gab began planning for a security token offering ("STO") in August 2017.